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Strategy is Key

Crafting videos without a clear plan is like leaping out of a plane without a parachute. In the world of social enterprises, having a strategy that aligns with your KPIs and goals is crucial. Consider us your video strategy partners, ready to assist or plan your video marketing efforts strategically to achieve tangible results.

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Content Strategy

Brand Boost Workshops.

With our Brand Boost Workshops we'll take your marketing efforts to the next level. Gain clarity on your company's positioning, value proposition, and goals to ensure that your marketing speaks to your target audience. We will use these factors to tailor a Brand Boost Strategy to get you closer to achieving your goals with content.


Engagement Strategy

SEO, Ad Planning, and Account Management.

Elevate your content strategy with tailored solutions for SEO and ad planning. Our journey starts with a thorough consultation to understand your company's goals. Whether you're seeking an ad strategy for immediate impact or prefer a hands-free approach, our account management services take the wheel. We handle everything from content posting and ad running to delivering analytics reports, ensuring you achieve continually achieve impactful results.

Case studies
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Case Studies

How we Helped a Fitness Apparel Company that Empowers Women 2x their Sales

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Increase in sales


Increase in Followers


Email Subscribers

Fiteet is a fitness apparel company that focuses on empowering women to feel their best when working out. They're also committed to giving back to Women's charities by donating 5% of each sale to select organizations. 


When we initially spoke, the company's goal was to increase brand awareness, increase their mailing list recipients and increase their monthly sales. 

We began with our Brand Boost Workshop sessions to get an idea of how the business was performing at the time. From there, we extracted their mesurables and their ideal company direction. Finally we created a winning strategy that outlined the best areas to target their audience, variable content ideas that would perform well to help nail their goals. This was presented in our Genius Blueprint. After working with us to create the content, following their tailored Genius Blueprint which was their north star for their company goals, they were able to hit their sales goal within the first 5 months.

A clear plan on how to achieve your company's marketing goals along with strategic content can help you highlight your impact.

What we Did to Get a 3x Increase  in Attendee Signups for a Sustainable Artisan Apparel Company

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Instagram Engagement


Event Attendees

Legin Knits is a sustainable artisan apparel company formed around a crochet artist that has dedicated over 25 years of his life to the art of crochet, whilst following traditional Rastafarian practices. The company only uses natural yarns and dyes, and goes the extra mile to ensure components used in production are recycled, and uplifted.Legin's love for the art of crochet, teaching, and mindfulness has lead him to offer workshops and community events where he teaches crochet. No matter the experience level--anyone can stop by, enjoy live jazz music, and learn how to crochet.

The goal was to increase brand engagement and ticket sales for the upcoming Art of Crochet and Jazz which was being held at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, ON. for the first time.



We created a brand content strategy through our brand boost workshop and created a genius blueprint to provide clarity on the best content to engage and achieve the set goals. We created commercial projects that helped garner 2,000+ engagements on instagram for the Art of Crochet and Jazz event. Our efforts helped lead to over 90 attendees for the event that is held at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, On.

With a sound strategy and an action plan, you too can increase your social enterprise's visibility, and increase attendees for your initiatives as you impact the world!

Lets see how we can help!

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